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FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The AirSep FreeStyle Portable Oxygen Concentrator is a truly wearable portable oxygen concentrator at less than 5 lbs. (2.3 kg). It is tailored specifically for those patients who know no boundaries.

List Price: $3,244.00
Sales price: $2,525.00
Discount: $-719.00

Airbelt Adaptor

Additional Battery

Product SKU: AirSep AS095-1 +Options


The AirSep FreeStyle is lightweight and wearable, and offers a pulse dose setting up to 3. The AirSep FreeStyle covers most pulse dose users prescribed settings 1-3, making it the portable oxygen concentrator of choice. Early stage COPD oxygen users can enjoy active lifestyles with the lightweight and durable AirSep FreeStyle.


  • The AirSep FreeStyle has a simple control panel with 1-touch operation making it easy to use.
  • An easy to read battery gauge with lights for 25%-100% battery life notifications.
  • A standard internal battery lasting up to 3.5 hours with an optional External Battery Cartridge extending battery life up to 6 hours at setting 2.
  • Works on AC power supply, and DC automotive power supply so you can take your portable oxygen concentrator anywhere and charge it.
  • FAA approved for travel


  • AC/DC Power Supply, Carrying Bag, Shoulder Strap, Carry-all Bag, Manual
  • Extra Options Available


Flow Rates Pulse setting 1-3 
Weight 4.4 lb (2.0 kg); 1.8 lb (0.8 kg) optional AirBelt
Dimensions 8.6 in. Hx 6.1 in. W x 3.6 in. D
21.8 cm H x 15.5 cm W x 9.1 cm D
Oxygen Purity 90% +5.5/-3%
Battery Duration 3 setting - 2 hrs
2 setting - 2.5 hrs
1 setting - 3.5 hrs
External Power Cartridge Battery Duration 3 setting - An additional 3 hrs; 5 hrs total
2 setting - An additional 3.5 hrs; 6 hrs total
1 setting - An additional 6.5 hrs; 10 hrs total
Battery Recharge 3 hrs
Sound Level 41 dB(A) @ Setting 2
Standard Waranty 3 year concentrator
1 year battery, power supplies, standard accessories


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