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Arch Cradles®

Arch Cradles® soft support for weak, flat arches, heel and ball-of-foot pain.

List Price: $25.00
Sales price: $22.00
Discount: $-3.00

Manufacturer: PediFix

Product SKU: Pedifix P182 +options


The Pedifix Arch Cradles® offers soft support for weak, flat arches, heel and ball-of-foot pain. 3/4-length orthotics fit comfortably in most footwear.


  • Relieve Heel, Arch & General Foot Pain
  • Orthopedically-Designed & Proven Effective
  • Heel Cushioning, Arch Support, Metatarsal Padding
  • Support Weak & Fallen Arches, Flat Feet
  • Fit Easily in Most Footwear Styles
  • Orthopedically Designed Comfort Orthotics that Ease Foot Pain
  • 1 pair

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Size Women's Men's
XSmall 5-6  
Small 7-8 6
Medium 9-10 7-8
Large 11+ 9-10
XLarge   11-12
XXLarge   13-14


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I'm very satisfied with my brace. I did think it took a little too long to receive it considering I spent almost as much for shipping as the item cost. <p> RESPONSE:<br> Delivery time was within reason, but may had been a day quicker. There is a business day turnaround, & s...

Oct 04, 2017