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Inset® Infusion Set


List Price: $194.99
Sales price: $194.99
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Manufacturer: Animas

Product SKU: Animas / ISG 10018100 +Options


Animas® Corporation Inset™ Infusion System with Disposable Insertion Device Straight Gray 23" L Tubing, 9mm Cannula, 90° Insertion Angle, Sterile, One-handed Insertion

All-in-one infusion system with built-in, disposable insertion device. Straight set. The introducer needle is removed so only the flexible cannula stays in place.


  • Self-adhesive white cotton tape, reversible connector and a quick disconnect at site.
  • One-handed insertion for more site options.
  • Works with all insulin pumps using a Luer lock connection.
  • Built-in adhesive is hypoallergenic, discreet and strong


Quantity: 10 Sets per Box


Prescription (Rx) Required. This item is restricted by federal law to sale by, or on the order of, a physician.

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